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You can get acquainted with all the samples of products of our plant in our showroom, which is located at Tashkent, Chilonzar district, st. Katartal 28, ATLAS shopping center, 3rd floor.

Для этого вам необходимо связаться с нашими менеджерами по представленным номерам и указать какой плотности и размера поролон вам необходим, вас проконсультируют по ценам и наличию на складе выбранной вами позиции. Также, если вы не можете самостоятельно определиться с маркой и плотностью нужного вам поролона, наши менеджера проконсультируют вас и помогут выбрать оптимальную марку, плотность поролона подходящему именно вам. Форма оплаты любая.

Our factory produces elastic polyurethane foam (foam rubber) grades ST, S-HS, EL-HL with densities from 14 kg/m3 to 28 kg/m3; Marble foam rubber of secondary foaming with densities from 65 kg/m3 - 120 kg/m3; Viscoelastic foam with shape memory (memory foam); rolled (length) foam rubber with densities from 14 kg/m3 to 26 kg/m3; acoustic foam; fireproof fireproof foam rubber for fire lamination (gluing). You can get acquainted with more detailed characteristics and areas of application of each type of foam rubber produced by us in the "product catalog" section.

Foam rubber sheets are cut into standard sizes - 1000 * 2000 mm (1 * 2m) or 2000 * 2000 mm (2 * 2m), of course, we can cut a sheet of any (non-standard) size, but please note that the maximum sheet size will be 2000 * 2000 mm (2 * 2m), also cutting into non-standard sizes is accepted when ordering more than 100 m3 of foam rubber, or if your order is less than 100 m3, we will cut to a non-standard size, but the price will be taken into account for a full sheet, i.e. if your order is less than 100 m3 and you need a sheet of a non-standard size (for example, 0.8 * 1.6 m), the price of this sheet size will be considered as a whole sheet of 1 * 2 m (waste generated during cutting will be given to the client.

When transporting over long distances, for example, to other regions of Uzbekistan and exporting, in order to reduce logistics costs, foam rubber sheets are vacuum packed into a roll, which makes it possible to reduce the volume of foam rubber by 3 times. In the city of Tashkent, free delivery is carried out when ordering from 18 m3, when ordering less than 18 m3, self-pickup is carried out from the warehouse of the plant. When ordering to other regions of Uzbekistan, self-delivery from the warehouse of the plant is also carried out.

Yes, we carry out contour cutting, any shape (2d).

We are a full cycle plant. We produce orthopedic and anatomical mattresses (any size and configuration), anatomical memory foam pillows, mattress toppers and other sleep products. Quilted fabric with foam rubber of various thicknesses for upholstery of mattresses. We also produce household sponges with an abrasive coating under our own brand. All products can be found in more detail in the section "product catalog"