Acoustic foam

Acoustic foam reduces or eliminates echo and background noise

Acoustic foam is an open structure foam used for acoustic treatment. The mechanism of sound absorption consists in converting the vibrational energy of a sound wave into heat due to friction against the foam rubber structure.

Produced with a pyramid or cone profile.

Acoustic foam reduces or eliminates echoes and background noise, and acoustic foam results in improved sound quality by removing residual reflections. To do this, acoustic panels are placed on the walls, ceiling and floor, effectively eliminating all resonance in the room. Density, sheet size, thickness and color are made according to the customer's request.


acoustic foam rubber is used in recording studios, theater and cinema halls (including home ones), music clubs, discos and recording studios, as well as in a number of educational and educational (music schools and gyms) and office premises (meeting rooms and meeting rooms), etc. .

 Acoustic "wallpaper", which is polyurethane foam with a thickness of 5 to 15 mm, duplicated with an "acoustically transparent" decorative fabric. Effective frequency range - above 500 Hz

Sheet, including profiled, foam rubber (with pyramidal, wavy and any other surface at the request of the customer) with a thickness of 15 mm and more. Effective frequency range – 200 Hz and above