Leader Foam Rubber

The largest manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam in the Republic of Uzbekistan

About us

Leader Foam Rubber is a major manufacturer of all types of flexible polyurethane foam (foam rubber), orthopedic springless mattresses, anatomical memory foam pillows in Uzbekistan. The company was founded in 2013. We work in the domestic market of Uzbekistan, and also export our products to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan.

Our goal is to manufacture products in accordance with all international quality and safety standards, using raw materials from leading world manufacturers with the highest degree of quality and purity in the production of our products. Find an approach to each client, providing competitive prices, a wide range and quality of international standards, short production and delivery times. Prove that domestic products can compete with imported ones.

Our partners

In the production of foam rubber, our company uses raw materials from world famous brands from China and Germany.

The products of our company have all the necessary quality certificates, which confirms its quality and safety.

We focus on the client

Taking into account our many years of experience in production, as well as a highly professional team, we can produce foam rubber of any density and rigidity, focusing on your order.

In our production, vertical and horizontal cutting of foam rubber blocks, cutting for rolled foam rubber, as well as figured cutting is carried out.

We focus on the client

Our company means responsibility and high quality. Any form of payment is possible, call us and our employees will provide you with detailed advice on all your questions.